What We Do

We are a small mobile IT Company that does Computer Repair, Design, Networking and virus removal by appointment only. If scheduled, I can come to you on off hours and weekends I just need to have a day or two notice. 
 Computer Repair - After an evaluation by me. I will determine if the device can be repaired and what parts you need and the cost. If you approve I will proceed with the repair. Repairs are limited to parts that can be removed and replaced or part that take minor mending that doesn't need to be soldered.  
Computer design - If you need a custom built computer, I can evaluate your needs and find the right mix of hardware and software to build a computer that you want. I will need to start with a consultation meeting with you to determine your needs, then find the hardware and software and price that and my labor fees and present them to you for approval. Then I will build your custom PC.

Networking - You have internet access via your cable or phone company and want to build a office or home office network that include computers, multi functional printers, servers and other devices. I will make sure all devices are communicating with one another

Virus/Malware removal - This is one of my most common services. I can remove all virus, malware and rootkits and as part of our service we will check your start up programs and do an overall cleaning to have your computer running better. 

Managed Services - This is where we give constant monitoring and support for you systems. Its preventative care and maintenance. We install software that will not intrude on you normal usage and we will keep your computer up to date and safe. 

For Residential customers we have 3 tiers of services.The first tier offers just monitoring, operating systems updates and backup can be added. The next level offers offers all from the first plan with backup included. The 3rd tier offers all that plus anti-virus. All tiers include on site services when needed you only pay for any parts that's needed to do any job but you pay no labor fees.