What happened with Facebook and what did Cambridge Analytica do.

I know a lot of you have heard about the Facebook breach. You may or may not understand what it was about. This article link below will give you a better idea of what its all about.


Cambridge Analytica harvested data from your likes of you and your friends to be collected. Then they used this to set up analytics to target ads to you. This wasn't the illegal aspect but the selling of this to other organizations violates Facebook terms of service.

If your settings are edited to be restricted access to your friends that's a good start. The real issue are the Facebook games and especially those personality quizzes. You have to understand those apps always ask for some type of information from you. The first is your profile info, but after that it could ask for your friends list, etc. These are the things that companies could use to target you for things outside of the use Facebook inteneded. So first, stop playing those personality quizzes, second read what apps are asking you for to use it.

Its becoming more obvious to the common user that free isn't free. For those of us that were more advance we understand that but its not enough. We have all kinds of friends of all skill levels. So everyone needs to understand because one link can give access to the whole chain.


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