Amazon buys Ring.

Well now Amazon buys Ring. This is a mixed bag for consumers. First for Ring itself is good because there is new resources that will help ring advance. Amazon can put the power of AWS behind ring so that there is better storage options and gives them an advantage over any competition.

Second there are other Amazon acquisitions that will help Ring become better than they were but is this a good thing for consumers.

Since its Amazon, will Ring not run with Google Home? Only running with Alexa isn't a good thing for IoT. You need to have everything working together. No one wants to have to make a choice to be a Google guy or an Amazon person and have to do without a device because it belongs to the other company.

Personally I do have a lot of Google products. I got introduced in Google devices by winning one at a business event so I bought two more minis and a few devices that work with it. I was in the market for Ring but now since Amazon bought them, would I have to get an Alexa just to use the integrations. If so I guess I'll be looking at another option.

I thought IoT would be a great thing, but if its gonna be divided between companies things will not develop in the way it should be. I hope that Amazon and Google work together to allow the power of IoT and the integrations between devices to grow.  Both companies will make their money even if you allow your user to use a competitors product.


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