Why I offer managed services for residential

I was asked why do I have managed services for residential customers. There are several reason for this and I will explain them all in detail.

First, trying to solve the problem after you have the problem is a reactive approach. I'm a security avocate so this is really against what I tell clients. I like to be able to prevent problems from happening. Of course your not going to stop every problem from happening but reducing it does solve your problem of your computer being in my shop and not being used by you. I get that I'm offering a business class service to home users but these days and times I think call for it.

A lot of the time when I get a computer the problem has been going on for months, in one case with one client for a year. I was told on several occasions that cost was the reason they didn't come to me sooner. Coming to me later with these issues cost you more money to solve and me more time to fix. In most cases I'll end up doing a destroy and reinstall which is something you might not want me to do but is the best thing for the situation. I've had problems with that when a client has software they didn't install on the system and they don't have the installation disk or the key to install it. Now I have to clean it as best I can and can't promise there isn't anything left on the system, especially when the issue isn't fairly new.

Second, with all these new malware and ransomware threats I keep on top of those things and help prevent them from getting to you.  If you get ransomware more than likely your looking at a reinstall because breaking encryption is something that most computer shops don't have the time or resources to dedicate to. There are large corporations with huge IT departments that just pay the ransom for the key to unlock the encryption. So your local I.T. shop can't offer anything more. In managed services backup is a crucial part of the situation. Something more than just having your pictures and other personal files on dropbox or google drive. Its your entire system with programs and everything. So a managed services plan help protect you from those threats before you end up either having to lose data in a reinstall or paying a ransom.

Third, is your subscription cost as a residential is fairly lower than a business. It's about the same price as netflix, hulu or spotify in most cases. It's better than a bill between $80-$150 or more at one time. You do get extras that keep you from having to bring you computer to me like a free cleaning of you PC monthly or some other extra. You computer will be running smooth with no interference in your regular use. There are even family packages where you can have not only your computer protected but your family's (in the same household) computers, smartphones and tablets protected also.

Lastly it saves us both. For you, your computer is in your house and not in my shop or me having to come to you to fix it. Those small problems don't become big ones that cost you.

For me I have less computers to fix one site or in house and it helps me as a solo tech to give better services to my clients.

So when you see me or any other tech offering you as a residential customer managed services just think about what I've told you today and consider using this service to save you time and protect your computer(s).


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