AI is evolving from its roots

When most hear about AI in the news, tech blog or online video, your hearing about the next evolution of AI not its beginning. AI has been around for a while its just finding its usefulness in business.

The beginning of AI was in video games before things became massively multi-player. In old school games it was the villain you fought against. In games like Pacman the villains were just random patterns. As gaming evolved to the next level those villains became aware of you and what you do. Now its trying to make the game harder. The AI in those days where clumsy at best and usually people found out how to beat them. So the game AI had to become better.

As programming languages got better so did the AI. Now the AI has more complexity and is thinking less in patterns and more in random adjustments to the player. It never got to the place where you would think this is another player because the advent of Massively Multi-player games took care of that.

Then lately in the mist of all the cyber attacks AI has been brought into the security space. Doing the same thing it did in the game space. Predicting the moves of an attacker and preventing them from compromising and system or network. Old virus protection models had become too predictable and had holes that attackers could bypass. So now AI is useful for that.

Also with all this data floating around. People would be bogged down forever trying to manage it. In comes AI. The logic of AI can, collect, organize and process data much faster than a human can. So big data had become one of the big things recently because of the advent of AI to help manage it.

So AI was something we use to fight but now its our friend helping use improve processes. Understand the evolution and you understand where its going and where it can assist in our lives.  


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