5 reasons to give Linux a try.

Over the years of working with people with their computer issues, I have helped many. Some by suggesting they use Linux. Those I have helped are still using it. So I wanted to tell you 5 reason you should give Linux a try.

1. Choice of distribution. You might think but shouldn’t they focus on just one? Linux has many different flavors. Each one with a certain focus. Mint is considered the starter Linux it has a good feel and it will give you a really good Linux experience for those who are using it for the first time. Other distribution concentrate on look and feel, some on functionality and ease of use. Some focus on privacy and security, some are just one function distributions. Check out http://www.distrowatch.com to look at the different distributions and see if you can find something you like. You can test before you install. That is a great thing if your not sure which one is right for you.

2. Easy to maintain. All programs can be installed from the distributions repository. Its as easy as in Linux Mint clicking the shield in the tray with the blue backgrounded “!” in it. Then getting the pop-up window with all the programs to be updated. Or you can open a terminal window and type “sudo apt update”. The system will come back and tell you the system is up to date or tell you it's something to upgrade. If you have to upgrade you do “sudo apt upgrade” to start the upgrade process.

3. support online. All the distributions I dealt with has their own community sites where other users help you with the problem. A lot of other tech sites and individuals with blogs also are a great resource. It might not be as easy as calling a service number or emailing customer service, but one thing the communities give that a customer service line can’t is understanding. If this is daunting for you to search online for help then there is always the option of calling a local IT company like mine for assistance.

4. Runs on older hardware. You might have an old PC. You just don’t want throw it out and buy a new computer at this time. You can find a distribution of Linux that will run on that old PC and extend its life and keep you from having to by that new computer until you are ready to. Also you can set it up as a guest computer if you are buying a new one. You can have it for company, or family coming by if you don’t like other people on your computer.

5. Sturdy. I know it's hard to understand how a operating system is sturdy. I have done tech support for my mother for years. She use to always seem to mess up her Windows computers. So one day I took a HP laptop I got from someone, installed Linux Mint on it and my mother has been using that computer no problem for over 3 years. She tells me that it's easy to use, doesn’t give any run problems and I think she is Linux for life. She even updates her own computer where when she was on windows I always had to come by and make sure all her system and 3rd party programs were updated. You know the danger of not updating flash or java.

So these are my 5 of many reasons to try out Linux. You can always download an ISO from one of the distributions you want to try, burn it to to a USB and try it out, it might fit for you, it might not. The freedom to try is what is great. As long as you have choice exercise it.


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