Monday, August 14, 2017

Bios Upgrades?

Even I as a tech forget to do things that are important to computer health. One of them is firmware upgrades for PCs and Laptops. I have 4 computers I got used from various places. I've had small problems, nothing major. Then one of my computers running Debian Linux wouldn't shutdown or reboot completely. I check the system and I noticed that the bios was the original that came with the computer. 

Now its wasn't necessarily the solution to my problem but its something to work on. 6 years of bios upgrades, my hardware could be running better with these. So I started on my way to upgrading all of the computer. I had to be careful or I could make the computer useless. So I started upgrading one version at a time. I just finished round one for all but one computer at this point. I'll do the next set next week and so on until they are updated. 

Most manufacturers like Dell and HP have software to do all updates including the bios. So it kinda amazed me that these weren't never updated. I got these from companies that were upgrading and throwing out the old PCs. Which are  never really useless. I feel like these should have be donated to a non-profit or something. But anyway, Bios upgrades are important. Being a hardware based tech I know the importance of firmware upgrades. Its the programming that runs the hardware and gets it to perform the actions the operating system and user needs. So an upgrade could get better performance out of your hardware or add functionality.  So for everyone out there pay attention to your system's upgrade manager and perform all the updates you can and if those bios updates come, you can do them yourself or if your uneasy seek the help of an IT professional like myself to do it for you. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We are now offering manged services

As things go along, I try to bring more to the table. At first I wanted to give the best in person experience possible. As time went on and I responsibilities at home increased and my part with the chamber revitalization committee begins to grow I implemented scheduling.

It worked for a while until I realized all of the cost and time of actually going to every site. I'm not saying I'm going to abandon seeing clients in person but I need to do something to do more with the same amount of time in a day.

So I finally went to managed services. Something that can save me and my clients time. At first I was only going to offer it to my business clients, I'm mean what residential client is going to pay a month fee for my services.

With the help of some great IT guy in a Facebook group I'm in showed me to way. So now I'm offering a 2 tier service for businesses (what you get depends on your size and what you need. A 3 tier service for residential depending on what level services you need.

For my residential customers, you ask why would I do managed services. Well look at this situation. Its you, your kids and a spouse, you are all using the same computer. Something happens, your spouse on a site he shouldn't have, your kids downloading free software with a surprise attachment that either annoying you or slowing your computer down to a crawl. With managed services I can see all of that. I get an alert and I fix the problem. No figuring it out weeks later when something goes wrong and you really need your computer. Its something you won't notice but you won't go through times when you don't have your computer or its not running well.

For those of us who don't keep up with operating system updates or virus definition updates. I can take care of that too. I'll be alerted that your system needs attention and I can do what is needed. Again something you won't see but something you won't need to worry about.

I can also spot potential hardware failures. (usually hard drives and memory). Its a pain to have your computer go out and not know what is wrong. If I spot a problem with say your hard drive I can order you a new one and come out and replace the old one. When I come out all you pay is the price for the hardware there is no labor charge because your on a monthly plan.

Being on a monthly plan puts you in a position so if I have to come out to your place and do a service call its included. (in most cases, its rare that its not but i had to say it) So the only extra cost you would incur is when I need to buy hardware to replace something broken.

I know there are some out there that say I can deal with my own computer. Of course you can, this service isn't just for the ones who don't know how to do anything. Its for the ones that are busy, you have a lot on your plate. Well managed services with me will leave you more time to other things you need to do or enjoy doing. So I hope this explains everything you want to know about manged services and what I want to provide. If you have any questions you can always contact me.