The one thing I noticed

Today I was using my IPad to answer messages in a facebook group. I said " So you know why he would have an attitude" but my IPad typed out "So you know why YOU would have an attitude" OK.....I can understand a misspelling but to change a whole word to change who its directed to.

This isn't the first time this has happened. These kinds of mistakes when in a rush could get you in trouble. I know you have to go over what it types out cause no dictation software is perfect. I've used Dragon before and it pretty much messes up to to where I have to edit afterwards.

I'm a decent typer so using dictation software is only useful when I'm on my tablet or phone. Luckily back when I was first in college they made you take a typing class. They didn't want their techs to be sitting there poking at the keyboard. LOL

I have an samsung android phone that seems to do a lot better job than my IPad. So that's what leads me to believe it's either something wrong with my IPad's mic, the software makes choices on what it hears and tries to correct me realtime without my input or Siri just doesn't understand me.

I won't stop using dictation software cause hey, I don't like typing on my digital devices all day. I have big fingers and they sometimes to miss their mark. I just had to speak what was on my mind today. That's just how I am.


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