My Online Scheduling.

Below is my Setmore appointment page. I found it looking around the internet. It has become something I really want to use. Right now I'm using the free version but as I get more business and make more I will work it into my budget to get the premium version which will allow me to do a lot more. I'm starting to find things to make my business experience easier.

The page is live and you can actually book an appointment from it. I block out time when I'm at the South Chicago Chamber meetings and when I'm on my weekly meetings with clients that already fill that spot. I do take off our booking and it should allow you to do it. If not call me and we can arrange something. I like for people to book at least 2 days ahead if you have to book sooner then please call me. I hope that this service will make it easier to set appointments with me. FYI the "i don't know" is a hourly rate. The rest are rated at an hour or two hours then after it become hourly. But all the flat rate services should be done within the time unless there is circumstances that prevent me from finishing before the time is up.


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