Friday, January 27, 2017

My Focus

For 3 years I've been in the IT Business. Like most I started out doing consumer tech. Taking off viruses and cleaning up computers so they can run faster. It was something I thought I had to do since coming out of Robert Morris College IL (Now Robert Morris University IL) I didn't get a corporate job. I knew I needed to stay sharp but a degree in networking isn't equal to me removing viruses and cleaning computers.

 I started to attend workshops and seminars not only to get noticed but to increase my knowledge in IT. I knew I needed to get in the door somewhere soon before I knowledge got stale.

When I moved to Columbus OH, I worked hard to get my foot in the door, I was always showing up at tech placement businesses trying to keep my face fresh in peoples minds. I almost made it if it wasn't for the fact of me not taking care of my health and becoming ill. I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks and had to go back to Chicago.

Back there I didn't know what to do so I thought hey I did all that work in Columbus to get noticed why not here, but it wasn't the same. I was lost in the hordes of people, some with major connections. I was depressed and worked a while in a couple places. In the end my health came back into play as I had a car accident because of my untreated sleep apnea. So I quit, still doing consumer tech on the side I decided to take the leap of faith and start an IT business.

Now here I am three years later. Now I'm in a spot where I need to move forward or I'll be on my quest to do something else again. I refuse to be in that situation again. I have moved forward to build a reputation, to work with organizations and to help teach. Since I've always been a stickler for being safe and secure. I'm going to focus my efforts in keeping consumers and small businesses safe. Yes, cyber security. So when you are ready to set up encryption for your email, when you are ready to set up a vpn, when you are ready to secure that device so that you aren't a victim of data theif. Come talk to me.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Online Scheduling.

Below is my Setmore appointment page. I found it looking around the internet. It has become something I really want to use. Right now I'm using the free version but as I get more business and make more I will work it into my budget to get the premium version which will allow me to do a lot more. I'm starting to find things to make my business experience easier.

The page is live and you can actually book an appointment from it. I block out time when I'm at the South Chicago Chamber meetings and when I'm on my weekly meetings with clients that already fill that spot. I do take off our booking and it should allow you to do it. If not call me and we can arrange something. I like for people to book at least 2 days ahead if you have to book sooner then please call me. I hope that this service will make it easier to set appointments with me. FYI the "i don't know" is a hourly rate. The rest are rated at an hour or two hours then after it become hourly. But all the flat rate services should be done within the time unless there is circumstances that prevent me from finishing before the time is up.