Who is your AI?

Microsoft is stepping up with more feature for Cortana. This might be the ramping up of the computer systems AI wars. Who do you think will come out on top.

Personally I have an IPad and don't even use Siri. I'm such and old schooler that I don't think it would make my life simpler. But I see it being that way in a connected home. It would almost be like in one of my favorite movies, Demolition Man where they walk in and say "lights" and the lights come on and etc. But right now to sit at my computer and ask siri to look up something that I feel makes my life easier. I see this making life easier for the disabled.

I have a client that is blind and the tech for him to use his computer could be helped by this. I have seen him work with his computer and its light years behind. Maybe with Microsoft stepping up to do more with Cortana will help him and I can see that as something great. I just hope that the focus of the AI Wars is not for the general consumer but for those that can be help greatly from the technology.

I would live to help the disabled move into the this technology I think this will help them greatly. I could see devices linked to where not only convinces are met but necessities too giving them a more independent life not like they aren't living it already but even more so. When I look at tech today I realize that all the advancements aren't really for us but we benefit by them Hopefully the focus stays there.


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