Just when you thought....

I was sitting here last week asking myself, where do I go from here. Had a bad experience with a costumer I'll probably never see again. I was breaking away from a volunteer situation that became toxic for me. Another that needs to be defined and it's at a crossroads. I though I might withdraw.
Now that I released myself from the situation I have new ones that have grown. My cousins who dropped a couple of computers on me to clean. My long time friend and client had me clean one and refurbish another.
I'm going to print more flyers and have the kids on the block go door to door with them. Everything feels like it's moving in a positive direction.

My next challenge is handling my internal situations. I have many resources I didn't have before working for me. Friends, The BACP, SCORE and other programs and resources I'm in that give small business advice. I'm feeling good today and I want to continue to feel good tomorrow. I just have to remember I'm not alone. I have a lot of support that are willing to help me and I have to be strong enough to use it.
You say strong? When I was younger and was doing some writing. If I got stuck I didn't ask for help because I though somehow if someone gave me an idea that the writing wasn't mine anymore. Now I realize that you have all types of contributors to help you get to an end.
So to all my contributors, friends, family and organizations that are willing to help....thank you.


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