Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tech services error reporting form

For a while I had a standard form on my website for people to communicate with me but I realized I needed more a of specialized form for people reporting about errors they want me to see about. So here it is.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Just when you thought....

I was sitting here last week asking myself, where do I go from here. Had a bad experience with a costumer I'll probably never see again. I was breaking away from a volunteer situation that became toxic for me. Another that needs to be defined and it's at a crossroads. I though I might withdraw.
Now that I released myself from the situation I have new ones that have grown. My cousins who dropped a couple of computers on me to clean. My long time friend and client had me clean one and refurbish another.
I'm going to print more flyers and have the kids on the block go door to door with them. Everything feels like it's moving in a positive direction.

My next challenge is handling my internal situations. I have many resources I didn't have before working for me. Friends, The BACP, SCORE and other programs and resources I'm in that give small business advice. I'm feeling good today and I want to continue to feel good tomorrow. I just have to remember I'm not alone. I have a lot of support that are willing to help me and I have to be strong enough to use it.
You say strong? When I was younger and was doing some writing. If I got stuck I didn't ask for help because I though somehow if someone gave me an idea that the writing wasn't mine anymore. Now I realize that you have all types of contributors to help you get to an end.
So to all my contributors, friends, family and organizations that are willing to help....thank you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

To cloud or not to cloud.

I know the tendency is leaning toward cloud servers over file servers. Some say the cloud is cheaper and easier to use. I look at it as a way to outsource.

If you are a company that doesn't have the space to house servers or the money to have your own in-house staff then the cloud is for you. If you don't have a trusty Internet service or run a business that need on demand (right now without lag service the you might want to look into getting  a server.

I met someone at an event that has a Internet radio station. This business needs to have something on site. The lag of the Internet can effect them than some business accessing a company spreadsheet. So don't always assume the latest and the most talked about is the way to go. Look at your own situation and get a professional opinion on what is best for you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oooo...look at Ubuntu

Today i installed Ubuntu 15.04 on this dell latitude (core i5) laptop because of the news of the change to Snappy. What is snappy? Its Snappy Ubuntu Core....  an ultra-lightweight Ubuntu distribution designed to interface with large-scale cloud application build outs and power the so-called Internet of Things. Just click here to get more information. 

Snappy moves Ubuntu away from the old system of installing and updating applications. Its a progress to move Ubuntu into a space where its will be a competitive desktop operating system. So I'm interested into this and I'm going to work with it so see if its a good and my clients may be able to benefit from it.

Ubuntu is also moving away from X Windows System and display server and moving towards Mir. With Mir Ubuntu wants to handle graphics better than on the system. Putting it on another level and making it competitive in the desktop OS marketplace which has always been dominated by Windows and Mac. 

With these and more movements by Canonical I had to go and install Ubuntu and to test everything out. So I'll be posting as much as I can about what's happening with me. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Working for the next level

On my way to another workshop trying to improve my business skills. The BACP, SCORE and The Illinois SBA have been a huge help with me starting my business. I have gone from a tech guy to a guy with a tech business.

Today I'm going to learn more about the relationship I should have with the IRS. There have been many businesses that fail at this and end up being out of business.

I want to be around for a long time employing people in my southeast side neighborhood and my old high school Bowen. I want to make a positive impact to businesses and consumers in the area to help build a strong neighborhood.

My goal is bigger that Litzsey Tech Services but it all starts with it.